Our Pastors

PeteBauerWebsitePhotoPete Bauer (pastor emeritus) was the founding pastor at Peace Hill and served the congregation from 1991, after his graduation from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, to his retirement from this position in 2021.  He and his wife Susan have four children and live in Charles City, VA. He has served as the Secretary, President and Vice President of the Charles City Clergy Association. He now offers spiritual direction, and in his spare time, he enjoys woodworking and gardening. You can email him here.JustinPastorWebsitePhoto

Justin Moore has been on the pastoral staff at Peace Hill since 2007. He also works as a children’s book editor. He and his wife, Melissa, met at seminary in Philadelphia and shared their notes in Hebrew Poetry class. In 2021, he and Melissa became the lead pastors at Peace Hill. You can email him here.

Melissa Moore also joined the staff in 2007. She serves as a counselor and MelPastorPicpastor, and is a database administrator for a non-profit organization. She gets really enthusiastic about house construction, as you can see from her photo. Email her here.