Worship With Us

  • During the month of August, we are not holding Sunday worship services. We’re pausing to come back in September, refreshed and rested!
  • For updates and encouragements, continue to follow our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.
  • If you are in need of financial or spiritual help, please email us and we will do what we can.
  • We are located at 18101 the Glebe Lane, Charles City, VA 23030

Our Beliefs

Our teaching is built around the Bible, our theology around orthodox Protestant Christian doctrines and the Nicene Creed. In short, we see ourselves as a community of faith, rooted in the Word, worshiping God.

We are a Welcoming & Affirming church.

Our Pastors

Our pastors are Justin Moore, Melissa Moore, and Peter Bauer (founding pastor, now semi-retired). Find out more about them here.