Community Ministries

We are currently running a campaign to eliminate a million dollars’ worth of medical debt for people in our area. Donate here.

When God came into our world, in the person of Jesus Christ, he healed the sick, fed the hungry, embraced the isolated, spoke up for the mistreated, and created a community where people would share with those in need.

The church—the gathering of those who have been drawn into Jesus’ way of life—is a preview of what God’s renewed world will look like. And so it should imitate Christ, its leader, who reached out compassionately to us at a great cost to himself.

Peace Hill Christian Fellowship tries to be faithful to that mandate in using its resources for mercy ministries in Charles City and around the world.

How do we decide which organizations to support?
Our connection with a charity or ministry usually starts with a personal connection: someone from our congregation works with an organization, gets to know it, and then shares its work with us so that we can get involved as a body. With input from the pastors, a three-person Finance Committee makes the final decision, and informs the congregation for its approval.

As we decide what missions to support, we look for groups that are:
Doing work of compassion and mercy: We support ministries that offer food, shelter, education, empowerment, counseling, and the spreading of God’s good news. We do not endorse any particular political agenda or party, or contribute money to political groups.
Treating people graciously: We look for ministries & organizations that treat people as people, not as statistics, victims, or objects of disdain.
Following the law and staying properly documented: Peace Hill only makes organizational contributions to properly constituted charitable organizations. We believe that we should obey the governing authorities, so we follow the law of the land, including tax laws.

To Learn More or to Help Out:
Here are some of the local, regional, and international ministries we supported this past year—follow the links to find opportunities to volunteer.

Charles City County Clergy Conference

Back to School Rally (and distribution of school supplies) for county children

Thrive Virginia (helping people get out of poverty)

Promise Land Storehouse (food pantry)

Angel Tree (Christmas gifts and meals for county families)

Virginia Food Bank

Meals on Wheels

Greater City Ministry, bringing companionship, help, and homemade food to the long-term homeless in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Charles City County Volunteer Fire & EMS

If you know of other good causes we might support, email Pastor Justin Moore.